Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week On 20/20 Broken Bond

Broken Bond: Leanne Kingston first made the headlines as one of three, beautiful triplet girls … she made them again when she was found brutally murdered in her own home. Adding to her family’s shock and horror, police quickly arrested Leanne’s former partner Cary Thurgood, the father of her four children. But there was worse to come as Thurgood claimed that the real killer was their own son … in a 20/20 television exclusive Sonya Wilson talks to Leanne’s sisters, two triplets without their third and we play the actual police interviews with Thurgood, part of an investigation which ultimately saw him jailed for 19 years.

Blazing Row: After a blazing fire took the life of Thomas Araguz, a young volunteer fireman, a scorching feud between his family and his wife, Nikki was ignited … was Nikki lying about who she really was for their entire marriage? Nikki thought life couldn't get any better after falling for Thomas. They settled into a happy life together, raising his two sons from a previous marriage. But there was no way Nikki could have anticipated what lay ahead - how a stunning secret she says they both agreed to keep, would trigger a lawsuit challenging the meaning of marriage and the very definition of what makes a man, a man and a woman, a woman.

Who Cares: Do we really care about other people or do we always act in self-interest? 20/20 talks to the authors of the book Freakanomics and sets up some experiments that give a fascinating insight into the human condition. Do we give more to charity if the collector is good looking? Do we give more if others are watching? The answers to these questions are both shocking and suprising.

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