Monday, March 14, 2011

This Week On 20/20

Thursday 17TH March 2011, 9.30pm TV2

Don’t miss 20/20 – the best of New Zealand and international Current Affairs with reporters Pete Cronshaw, Beth Bates and Sonya Wilson

This week on 20/20:

Moment: If you’ve ever driven a car, you’ve probably had one of those “near miss” moments. 20/20 talks to Kristy King, the young driver whose “near miss” wasn’t … instead she has to live with the moment that she killed three cyclists for the rest of her life. Kristy talks exclusively to 20/20’s Beth Bates about that day, and Beth is there when she asks for forgiveness from a family still dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one and the reality that their lives have also been changed forever.

Americas Worst Mum? Lindsay Lohan was a Disney star and America’s darling … until her career and personal life became tabloid fodder, with tales of rehab, relapse and accusations of theft. 20/20 speaks to the person many are blaming… her Mum. Did Dina Lohan push her daughter too hard for a life of reflected glory or is she just a mother looking out for her girl?

Teen Rivalry: Two teenage girls and one controlling boy - what started as a classic teenage love triangle quickly turns into a deadly streetside show down. The animosity between Sarah and Rachel who are dating the same boy created a volatile mix of teenage passion and angst. It would all come to a head on a fateful night, when words would turn into blows and lives would never be the same.

Deadly Ties: Can a doctor’s necktie kill you? In Britain neckties have been banned in some hospitals - it turns out they’re just big germ rags that carry infection from one patient to another. 20/20 also discovers the shocking truth about hand washing in hospitals, could our hospitals be killing instead of curing?

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 – with reporters Pete Cronshaw, Beth Bates and Sonya Wilson

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