Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday In The Park

This past Saturday I took my two girls to Base Fms Shake n Bake at Western Park. I live In the Auckland suburb of Pt Chevalier which is quite central, so Coco my 2yr old, Scarlett my 9yr old, and I jumped on a bus and headed into town. Me and my two girls had a blast, the weather was fab, the location perfect and the vibe was super laid back.

My 9yr old got to meet Tyra Hammond from Opensouls and was beside herself, she would not have been more excited if it had been Taylor Swift.

She was also fascinated with the graffiti art once she got over the whole they're not allowed to do that thing. I was stoked to catch Julien Dyne doing his thing, and my 2yr old was most excited by the bus ride.

Cheers Base Fm a great afternoon.