Monday, April 11, 2011

This week on 20/20:

WASTED: 17-year-olds Hayden Smith and Aaron Miller grew up at opposite ends of the North Island. One was a city kid, the other a country boy. They had absolutely nothing in common in life but their names will be forever linked in death. The two teenagers are victims of an illegal trade in methadone. 20/20 speaks to their families - shattered by the loss of their loved ones and confronts a woman convicted of peddling this lethal drug. Methadone is an artificial opiate prescribed to heroine addicts and when taken by a person with no tolerance … it can be lethal. Pete Cronshaw investigates a growing black-market trade that has killed and may kill again.

Death by Dexter: An 18 year old strangles his 10 year old brother to death and a budding film maker kills and dismembers someone. The link? Both say they feel like Dexter … television’s very own serial killer. 20/20 investigates these two horrific murders and asks, did Dexter make them do it?

Monkeying Around: A story that gives an all-new meaning to "monkeying around." Vervet monkeys are giving tourists and locals a run for their money in the vacation paradise of St. Kitts. The monkeys raid local outdoor bars and steal rum cocktails from unsuspecting tourists dozing on the beach. It turns out that just like us … it’s not what they’re drinking but how they’re drinking. Research into the behaviour of these drinking monkeys is helping scientists to better understand why some of us drink more than others.

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