Friday, May 29, 2009

Pip Pop

Chris Brown (20/20 cameraman), Beth Roche and myself just got back from Dunedin where we were filming a story about a family whose young girl Grace cant or wont eat.

Pip the young girls mother bends balloons for kids party's, now that may seem a bit hum-drum but you need to see the amazing things she does with these balloons. Keep an eye out for the story in the next month or so.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reaction To 20/20 Story

We had such a huge reaction to the story about Rachel Francis the former prostitute and brothel owner that I thought I would post this link . It demonstrates the the strength of opinion this subject generates some of it in my opinion bigoted and ill informed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Gotta Watch This 20/20 Promo

You Gotta Watch This

Beth Roche and I have been working on a story about a retired prostitute and brothel owner, some of the stories she has to tell will curl your hair. Rachel Francis is one hell of a character and a woman that says she entered the world of prostitution of her own free will and loved nearly every minute of it. Rachel speaks with passion and conviction about an industry that most of us have little real knowledge of, this is not " Pretty Woman"
I will post a video promo soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Week on 20/20

Thursday 14th May 2009, 9.30pm

Don’t miss 20/20 – the best of New Zealand and international Current Affairs presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Pete Cronshaw, Beth Roche and Sonya Wilson.

This week on 20/20:

THE LAST RUSH: For most of us the idea of throwing ourselves off the side of a mountain, or hanging off Mt Everest without an oxygen bottle just seems too much of a mission impossible. But what makes it seem like a walk in the park for extreme athletes? Are they simply born without the fear gene? Well tonight 20/20’s Pete Cronshaw talks to a Kiwi expert who believes their brains simply operate differently from the rest of us… and you’ll hear from the men and women who think it’s normal to live on the edge. You’ll be amazed at what he discovers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

20/20 Tonight

HIGH HEELS, HIGH HOPES: Critics call it a dated practice in a modern world… exploitative even… but tonight 20/20’s Sonya Wilson puts you in the judge’s chair –with an exclusive all-access pass behind the scenes of Miss World New Zealand. We follow 17 women desperate to take out the crown, while mastering the highest of heels and everything else from beach beauty to top model and talent competitions. As the pressure mounts, the nerves, the sequins and the sparkle powder keep increasing. So why do they do it? Well, as one contestant tells 20/20, the pageant is her way of proving girls really can do anything.