Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Week On 20/20

Thursday 28TH October 2010, 9.30pm TV2

This week on 20/20:

TAKEN: She was a young Kiwi woman on her big O.E, enjoying the trip of a lifetime in the tourist mecca of Cappadocia, Turkey… when her life was changed forever. Olivia was brutally attacked and strangled by a stranger… a man who thought he’d killed her… and planned to bury her. Incredibly she survived… and escaped… and tonight for the first time tells her story publically to 20/20’s Sonya Wilson, in the hope it might help other women survive a trauma that she very nearly didn’t.

SINS OF THE FATHER: He can’t hold down a job, buy a house or even a car – and all because someone’s stolen his identity. And that’s not the worst of it … Randy Waldron Jnr is in debt to the tune of more than two million dollars. But as 20/20 discovers, the real problem is that the person doing the stealing … is Randy’s own father. He hasn’t been able to find him either … until now. Our cameras are there for the dramatic reunion.

COVERING UP: Everyone seems to have an opinion on women who wear the full veil…and in some countries they’ve even taken steps to ban it being worn publically. Tonight 20/20 talks to the women themselves about what it really means… and whether one of the most arresting images of Islam is one of liberation or control.

PLUS Love thy neighbour – You’re at the beach… and it’s not long before you notice something a little… suspicious going on. Someone with wandering hands has helped themselves to a fellow sun lover’s belongings… so what do you do? It’s not like you know the person right? Speak up… pursue the thief … or just let it all drift past your sunnies? You may be surprised at who’s ready to become an everyday hero.