Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Have An Idol On 20/20

Thursday 26th of November\2009, 9.30pm

Don’t miss 20/20 – the best of New Zealand and international Current Affairs presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Sonya Wilson, Beth Roche and Hugh Hughes.

This week on 20/20:

Stan the Man:

We meet the Kiwi kid being idolised by Australia!

Stan Walker is hot - but his chilling upbringing will leave you cold. If you’ve followed `Australian Idol’, you’ll know he’s the product of a `Once Were Warriors’ upbringing. But did you know Aussie’s new sex symbol was also the victim of sexual abuse? Stan Walker talks exclusively to 20/20 about his tragic childhood and new found fame.

Blown Away:

Johanna Orozco seemed to have it all ... until jealousy and rage changed her life forever.

Juan Ruiz – once the love of her life – fired a shotgun at her head and since then the once pretty and popular teenager has endured a medical marathon of reconstructive surgery. The hideous crime shattered her face … but not her beauty. A remarkable story of courage, strength and grace!

The Terrible Tic:

One little girl’s struggle with unwanted tics!

13-year-old Isabella loves to sing, dance, write poetry and dreams of being an actress but Tourette Syndrome has left her a stranger in her own body. Home has become a safe haven from the judgement of the outside world. However if you look beyond the screaming and twitching you’ll meet a truly remarkable girl.

Cat Women:

They are a mysterious breed – women who fill their homes with cats instead of kids. Why do they do it? Are they just crazy for cats, just crazy, or is there more to their feline fancy than meets the eye?


20/20 has an exclusive peak at Rihanna’s new video: “Russian Roulette.”

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 – presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Sonya Wilson, Beth Roche and Hugh Hughes.

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