Tuesday, November 17, 2009

20/20 This Week

Thursday 19th of November\2009, 9.30pm

Don’t miss 20/20 – the best of New Zealand and international Current Affairs presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Sonya Wilson, Beth Roche and Hugh Hughes.

This week on 20/20:

Tuned In:

Are there such things as spirits? What do channelers and mediums do, if anything? And to what end?

Sceptics will tell you it’s a bunch of twaddle and an insult to the intelligence of the living. Believers will tell you it’s the real deal and sceptics have never helped anyone with their scepticism. So who’s fooling who? We put a channeler to the test to see if they really are tuned in!

Finding Forgiveness:

Would you forgive?

Like thousands of other wives whose husbands are in prison, Kim Crespi cherishes the few hours she and her husband David, have together - sharing news about their children, their church and their friends. But what makes these visits unusual and the bond between Kim and David different is that David is serving a life sentence for brutally murdering their two daughters.

The Mad Scientists:

It is a think tank like no other!

Can a simple garden hose stop global warming? Is it possible to control killer hurricanes? We meet a bunch of self confessed mad scientists who are turning conventional wisdom upside down and finding simple solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

Good Cop – Bad Cop:

Caught on camera!

A drunken woman is the victim of a savage attack! A paraplegic is tipped out of his wheelchair! A transvestite is badly beaten! They were victims of brutal crimes – committed by those who took an oath to serve and protect. When good cops go bad!

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 – presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Sonya Wilson, Beth Roche and Hugh Hughes.