Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Man We Got A Great Show This Week


  1. Beware of Mark833. The dude is full of shit and only after money.

  2. Three facts you should ask Mark Thomson about.

    1. Why does such a bigshot still live with his parents?

    2. His 'criminal past' why does it only consist of one drink driving conviction?

    3. He has no Maori blood at all.

    For bonus points track down his business partners from 833 Records and before.

  3. Ha ha, Mark 833 on an 'interpol list'?! Yeah right, what was he put on the list for - trying (unsucessfully) to rip off a couple of thousand bucks from Waitakere City Council? Or drink driving?

    Shut down by and elite detective squad? Check that with the West Auckland cops.

    Walter Mitty has nothing on that dude.

    The sad thing is he really thinks he is some bigshot hiphop entrepreneur or radical subversive when the reality is he promises but never delivers, then blames it on the 'industry'. Yes, he has some contacts in the US from writing for Rip It Up, but 95% of what says is pure fantasy.

    Speak to 4th Element, Andre Mortimer, Eastbay Records, Tradegy, Universal Music NZ, the list goes on and on. Not to mention friends and family he has alientated and pissed off over the years.

    Don't be sucked in.