Monday, May 18, 2009

You Gotta Watch This

Beth Roche and I have been working on a story about a retired prostitute and brothel owner, some of the stories she has to tell will curl your hair. Rachel Francis is one hell of a character and a woman that says she entered the world of prostitution of her own free will and loved nearly every minute of it. Rachel speaks with passion and conviction about an industry that most of us have little real knowledge of, this is not " Pretty Woman"
I will post a video promo soon.


  1. Almost read that last line as "will post a porno soon".

    Sounds interesting. Many commentators would probably paint her as a "victim", but sounds like she might not agree with that. Also sounds like she, unlike many people who "prostitute" themselves in different ways to put food on the table, enjoys her work.

  2. Alan - Where do I start to say thanks for putting forward a blunt in your face doco that isnt bullshit but factual and the truth - the NZ Sex Industry has for to long been painted in a bad light - some sex workers choose to do this trade and are fully aware of the implications and whats expected and as adults we can do what we damn well please with our bodies - I am so pleased I put my trust in you and your team and we have something in common and it aint worms - its that I cant spell for shit either...
    Hugs hugs mate -

  3. Rachel It was a pleasure, stay in touch always looking for stories.