Friday, May 29, 2009

Pip Pop

Chris Brown (20/20 cameraman), Beth Roche and myself just got back from Dunedin where we were filming a story about a family whose young girl Grace cant or wont eat.

Pip the young girls mother bends balloons for kids party's, now that may seem a bit hum-drum but you need to see the amazing things she does with these balloons. Keep an eye out for the story in the next month or so.


  1. what a terrible situation for any parent when there isnt answers why your child is not eating - normally you moan because they eat you out of house and home - bet as a Dad you felt her pain - Balloons man I loved them as a child to the point of obsession - seriously *even worte it in my book* LOL - I have googled balloon art and they can create amazing things - look forward to the story and hopefully a speacialist will sit up and react to this and help the family get answers so the lil chicken can get well - Rach :)

  2. It's traggic when a family has to go through this sort of experience.

    Life is hard enough without little random problems making it harder. Looking forward to the piece.