Tuesday, June 15, 2010

20/20 Behind Closed Doors

Domestic violence is a cancer eating at New Zealand society. This week we talk to victims, survivors, and go out with the police on the frontline in the battle against what could be New Zealand's biggest social problem.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the piece. Think there cannot be too much exposure EVER about this issue and it is public service to keep talking about it. Speaking from personal experience it is not just in the stereotypical 'Once For Warriors' relationship, it is something that spans all cultures & socio-economic groups in THIS country. Think it needs to keep being 'spoken' about until maybe, one day, it is no longer acceptable anywhere. It is an epidemic & even though I personally am more looking at the 'after-effect' services, there should be no expense spared with the Prevention of the epidemic that is Domestic Violence, and the eradication of it being something that just isn't talked about it. Last time I got hit in the face I hid for days until my two black eyes went away, I'm not stupid but part of me can't work out why I would hide and keep it all a secret.
    Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox (sure you've seen some pretty awful things in doing this piece). Know it is a multi-faceted problem, so imagine it's a complex issue to present.
    But in advance. Good Job.

  2. Domestic violence is violence full stop. Those who commit domestic violence (both sexes) are much more likely to commit violence in the pub, the street, a road rage incident or anywhere else. Why is this? Why do we live in such a violent society?

    Is it cos we can't hit our kids any more? Or is it because violence, aggression and extreme individualism is lauded and promoted in our society?

    See Willie Apiata - dude fights in illegal wars against mythical 'enemies' and while no doubt he is brave and noble he is held up as a role model for the kids, just like those cool Call of Duty video games.

    Lames ass kiwi rappers promote a fantasy version of living in the 'ghetto' making 'paper' from drugs, violence and 'hustling' wtf the fuck street are these imbeciles from???? Mike Fucking Kings son who has had every opportunity in life and his violent videos.

    Let's get real.

    We're all fucked. End times motherfuckers.