Wednesday, April 7, 2010

20/20 Back With Local Stories

Thursday 8th April 2010, 9.30pm TV2

Don’t miss 20/20 – the best of New Zealand and international Current Affairs presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Pete Cronshaw, Beth Bates and Sonya Wilson.

This week on 20/20:

QUIET PLEAS: We’ve all been there… the throbbing bass is spilling over from next door where they’re having yet another party. Or the neighbours have thoughtfully bought their teenage son a drum set… and he’s keen to practice day AND night. Ten years ago you might’ve gone next door and asked them to turn it down. But it seems more and more of us simply reach for the phone and call noise control. Tonight 20/20’s Beth Bates goes out on the beat with those trying to keep the peace … and in an exclusive interview, she finds out what caused a Napier Dad to use an axe and a tomahawk in a desperate bid for quiet in his neighbourhood.

BREAKING POINT: There are times when all parents struggle with feisty kids and troubled teens. But tonight on 20/20 you’ll meet the families really doing it tough, after their children have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The parents of 7 year old Jani have made the extraordinary decision to live in separate homes, so she can’t hurt her baby brother – while 9 year old Rebecca’s mother reveals her shock when her angelic daughter tells her of her vivid fantasies and plans to kill her.

THE REAL BLIND SIDE: All the talk after the Oscars has centered on Sandra Bullock’s marital woes… with husband Jesse James accused of multiple affairs. It’s a scandal that’s almost overshadowed her award-winning movie, The Blind Side. But 20/20 goes behind the scenes to talk to the family who inspired the movie, when they took in homeless teenager Michael Oher and helped him realise an incredible dream. It’s a heartwarming story set to hit the New Zealand box office early next month.

POKER FACE: It’s the interview that had the entire music world talking – when Lady Gaga dropped her poker face and revealed all in an exclusive interview with 20/20. She talks about her out-of-this world fashion sense, just what she means when she’s “bluffin’ with her muffin” and all those rumours she’s actually a man. Plus you’ll see early footage of her performances… and find out how her career helped save her Dad’s life.

PLUS The Colour of Love – They’re ten year old twins who turn heads wherever they go… not so much for their incredible similarity… but rather for their one incredible difference. 20/20 talks to the boys who’ll give you a new perspective on just how strong family bonds can be.

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 – presented by Miriama Kamo with reporters Pete Cronshaw, Beth Bates and Sonya Wilson

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