Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sometimes We Actually Do Good

A couple of weeks age 20/20 ran a story about a wee girl named Grace who couldn't or wouldn't eat. It was a heartbreaking tale of a family doing the best they could with what they have. In the story we spoke to another couple whose daughter had the same problem and had travelled to Austria where a University ran a clinic that helped with great success.
Pip and Gareth the parents of wee Grace did not have the money needed to travel to the Austrian clinic but, after the airing of our show a couple came forward and said theyed like to help.
A trust has been set up and Grace may yet get the help her parents so desperatly want to give their little girl.
Often in the media it feels like we're tearing things down it's nice to help every now and then, I'm also constantly amazed at how mean people can be, yet equally amazed at how kind and generous they can be.

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