Monday, April 6, 2009

The Real Denny Crane

I spent the morning sitting in Auckland District Court #1. It was for a story I'm working on, the court is a sad place none of the glamour of my favourite show Boston Legal. Spending time in a local court can give you a sense that the society we live in is held together by a thin thread that is getting more frayed by the case.
On the bright side I took my daughter to see Lisa Tamiti on the weekend. Lisa ran through Death Valley last year in race called The Badwater Classic, Sonya Wilson and I did a story on her for 20/20 I'll try and post a link. Lisa was spending ten hours running on a treadmill in an attempt to raise funds to have another crack at the worlds hardest foot race. Lisa took a moment from her treadmill bashing to sign a Death Valley hat that my girl had brought along, she was wrapt